Lumon 5

Meet our most versatile product, for any building requirement.

From waist-height to ceiling, the L5 is our most versatile product for upgrades and renovations. Two horizontal aluminum profiles mount into the ceiling and into the top of your existing or modified railing. Tempered glass panes measuring 6, 8, or 10mm thick are fastened to the profiles. These panes are stress and wind tested, but are lightweight and easy to slide and fold.


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Lumon 6

From floor to ceiling the L6 is our most stunning and elegant balcony system.

Two horizontal aluminum profiles mount into the ceiling, and into your balcony floor with the addition of a modified railing. Tempered glass panes measuring 8, 10, or 12mm thick are fastened to the profiles. These panes are stress and wind tested, but are lightweight and easy to slide and fold. All L6 products also come standard with increased safety requirements for the lowest floors of buildings and the inward-opening balcony glass units that are easy to clean safely without reaching out from balconies on the higher floors.


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Lumon Railings

The Lumon railing system offers a flexible, safe and sustainable solution for new or renovated buildings. On their own, they change the exterior aesthetic, and expand your view. Combined with our L5 solution, they create a seamless facade that genuinely enhances your new or existing architecture.


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